Why installing Wi-Fi system with Phuketconnect

Phuketconnect service

  • We provide one stop service including designing network, installation and serving Internet bandwidth at the same time.
  • We cope with technical problem responsively with our direct team which can serve customer faster.
  • We have management system which is available for monitoring, tracking, fixing the problem fast.
  • We have call center service and live chat to help answering customers’ questions 24 hours.

Design and Install network

  • We provide an network advisor service to customer in order to design Wi-Fi system following customer’s needs and budget for the best service.
  • We design and install the network and Wi-Fi system based on the standard of the equipment for the highest performance and longest lifetime of the equipment.
  • We use the equipment that have product warranty and support to the future technology.

Our service is legal following

  • The company has the license from National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission to operate the Internet service.
  • The internet usage data is collected following the Computer Crime Act B.E 2550 (2007) which is legal to serve the internet service for doing illegal in the internet.

We have both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solution.

Indoor Wi-Fi Solution

     The indoor Wi-Fi Solution will be designed inside the building on the corridor or in the room. It will be designed based on the customer requirement, budget and installation area. Normally, indoor solution will be used in the apartment, hotels and dormitory.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Solution in the Public Area

     The outdoor Wi-Fi solution normally installs in the public area, for example, public park, community market and outdoor event. The outdoor Wi-Fi access point is designed to work in the varied temperature and need the water resistance.

Our Service

We provide All-in-one Wi-Fi solution for apartments and hotels including design, install, after sales and service. Free consulting for Wi-Fi problem. Please, feel free to ask for more information.
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Internet Package for apartment. We provide Internet and Wi-Fi Access Point with all Installation. Moreover, we are taking care of all problem when the equipment broken along the using our service with out hiring staff.
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Premium Internet Service for Boutique Hotel. Our package provides 2 Internet Link which are Main Link ( support high density user) and second tier link which can switch to serve when the Main Link is Down.
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ลูกค้าจะได้ลิ้งค์สัญญาณอินเทอร์เน็ต 1 วงจร ติดตั้งตัวกระจายสัญญาณ Wi-Fi เพื่อให้สัญญาณครอบคลุมภายในห้องพัก
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 Call Center: 076-222-111


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